The areas of intervention

We take care of building your project, following it in all phases.

How we optimize and enhance your real estate investment

Financial analysis

Through a careful and in-depth analysis of the territory, population and market values, we optimize the choices

The project for life

Each creation is a unique experience, made up of essential elements and nurtured by the knowledge of Alessandro and Daniele that enrich your projects giving them life

Eco materials

The choice of materials is given by the fusion of different elements that interact to give the "body" to the project.

A single contact person

Without stress and without having to study or rely on Professionals or various Agencies, it is possible to have a single contact person who takes care of all the phases of analysis, planning and realization


We immediately know the timing of the project, with safe and effective manufacturing processes that last over time

A step in the future

We are constantly updating to be able to give you today what will be required tomorrow, to give more value to your choice

Nothing is left to chance



In 1995 he started my business as a sales agent that allows me to invest my first profits in the real estate market. In 1998 my collaboration with the leading company in Italy in the world of office supplies began. This is where I know Daniele Fortin, who, like me, embarks on that work adventure: these are years of great growth and opportunity.

Thus a friendship is born that leads us to travel and share part of working life and personal interests, driven by common objectives and converging business ideas.
In 2001 I bought a semi-detached portion for me: the management of the building site and its dynamics fascinated me and gave me the opportunity to actually enter that world.
Following a year of great changes during which I know Rita who lives in Florence. A relationship is born between us that will soon lead you to leave your city and come and live with me. In 2003 we get married and Elena is born.
Divided between new family and work commitments between a real estate investment and another, it is more and more my knowledge in the financial field. In 2005 Claudio was born our second child and in 2013 Linda.

THE ROAD IS TRUE AND IN 2015 PART WITH DANIELE FORTIN THE 2HOUSE PROJECT: "building emotions through the realization of architectural works of value over time"


I was born in an environment devoted to real estate, from a land surveyor / real estate entrepreneur, and from an uncle impresario, where the passion for architecture begins, made with an aesthetic and ethical sense.
However, it is thanks to a job as a Commercial Agent, started with the aim of guaranteeing economic autonomy for architecture studies, which I meet Alessandro Trevisan.
Since 1998 a friendship has begun that brings both to share business ideas and travel, with the aim of opening the mind to the confrontation towards new horizons.
In the following years, the activity of Sales Agent and the family business coexisted, which led me to follow the construction sites and manage the Real Estate business.
In 2014 I graduated in Architecture at the University of Architecture in Venice.

In 2015 the 2House project was born, putting together the two souls, the financial one and the passion for architecture, united by the same objective: "building emotions through the realization of architectural works of value over time"

" Knowledgeable solutions, for high standards with the right value ".

We provide our long-term experience of successful operations, to help people and families make their NEW HOME, a conscious and exciting experience, in full confidence.